August 27, 2013

C&C in the Kitchen

Trader Joe's. What isn't there to like?! If you're a TJ's "Frequent Flyer" you know what I'm talking about - sales associates in Hawaiian shirts, great prices, and frozen appetizers you can pass off as homemade. Everyone has their favorites. So I thought in the spirit of sharing - which we like to do here at C & C - I'd give you a few of mine. 

If you're busy, let's be real, who isn't? Then these two pre-packed items from the refrigerator section (over by the vegetables and the greens) are a great addition to your cart. 
Throw them on top of Trader Joe's Power to the Greens (a bag of kale, chard, and spinach - which is also great for smoothies), add my FAVORITE dressing (also in the refrigerator section)...and a little feta...
And you have yourself a fast, delicious, and nutritious salad for lunch or dinner! I often take this for lunch since it's easy to throw together. 
Head on over to where they sell oil and vinegar, and pick up this balsamic glaze, which is great on meat (pork chops) and fish (salmon) and is also the perfect addition to caprese salad or avocado slices. 
I have a problem keeping plants alive. Any plant - including store-bought basil. Enter this frozen chopped basil. It's not only awesome for cooking, but one cube is a refreshing addition to our morning smoothie (mango, banana (or pineapple), Greek yogurt, almond milk, flax or chia, and one cube of basil). 
And a meal isn't complete without dessert. You can find these in the freezer section, and if you're anything like me, they'll be eaten before they defrost. They're no Laduree, but let's not be too picky. 

And last, but not least. If you love fresh flowers as much as I do, Trader Joe's is your kind of place. Here's a sampling of flowers I've picked up over the last few months. I'm pretty sure I didn't pay more than 10 dollars for any of these. 

What are your go-tos at Trader Joe's?


  1. Love!! Going to try the dressing but have tried and lived everything else. Love the coconut oil spray, can't live without it.

  2. not healthy...but i could eat the pita crackers until the end of time...!

  3. I got the cilantro dressing and love it!! I like the frozen gnocchi alla sorrentina for a quick, cheap dish.